Steve Winter on the Trail of Big Cats for Big Cat Week

Steve Winter poses with "Roar-y" in LA at the Broad Stage. (Photo courtesy Ben Gibbs Photography)
Steve Winter poses with “Roar-y” the better-than-paper tiger in LA at the Broad Stage. (Photo courtesy Ben Gibbs Photography)

Photographer Steve Winter traveled from coast to coast in the U.S. this autumn on tour with National Geographic Live!, the live events division of National Geographic. His “On the Trail of Big Cats Tour,” engaged sold-out audiences across North America and educated attendees about how to help save the world’s big cats.

From trekking India’s Himalayas in search of rare snow leopards, to stalking the elusive jaguar through Latin American jungles, to chronicling the nocturnal activities of the “American lion” or cougar, there is nowhere Winter won’t go to come face-to-face with his subjects.

National Geographic Live audiences from Los Angeles to Toronto have hopped on the trail of big cats with Steve and heard about his life, career, and stories behind his iconic photos. During his fall tour, Winter reached nearly 12,000 people in his main stage shows and about 6,600 students during his matinees. (And, if you didn’t have a chance to catch Winter in action, big cats are all over the Nat Geo Wild channel this week.)

“Steve inspires audiences with stories from his assignments, but —> Read More Here


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