(Still) Waiting for the Big One


The sun is a stormy star that, across the centuries, has gifted our Earth with some incredible moments of calamity. Telegraph and radio technologies and even satellites and human safety have been placed in the breach of near-destruction. Is there a major “superstorm” in our future?

The Past as Prologue

What would you do if the sky turned blood-red all night, and so bright that you could read newspapers by this ghastly sky? What would you think if, for a day, all communications out of the country ended, or your cellphones stopped working? How do you think people would respond if their electrical power went out for several days or longer… in the hot air-conditioned summer?

A solar storm in the making (Credit: NASA/SDO)


This is usually how scientists start this discussion of potential impacts that solar storms can have. The end result is still the same old public indifference. You can’t really blame the public. These kinds of events seem so very remote from this morning’s newspaper headlines of the last major snowstorm or hurricane. Most of us have never even seen an aurora, but most of us have all experienced the deadly consequences of a severe rainstorm, flooding or snowstorm. On a —> Read More Here


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