Stopping Cancer Before It Starts

On May 20, 2015, New York State will host its Cancer Prevention Summit in Manhattan.

This bold initiative is the work of the New York State Commissioner of Health, Dr. Howard Zucker, and his colleagues at the New York State Department of Health. Many health related organizations in New York are participating in the Summit, and the audience will be challenged with action points. I am honored to participate in the Cancer Prevention Summit as a speaker, and will introduce the keynote speaker, Dr. Graham Colditz, an internationally recognized leader in the prevention of cancer and other diseases.

The Summit’s focus is the primary prevention of cancer — stopping cancer before it starts — and leading experts will present their research and insights with those present, and remotely through a live webcast. Creating a society that makes prevention a priority for the next generation is the ultimate goal.

The good news is that over 50 percent of all cancers can be prevented by applying what we know right now. Dr. Graham Colditz will share his current research involving adolescents and adults.

While the evidence is strong for the power of prevention through lifestyle choices and environmental factors, the message of prevention still has not reached the majority of Americans.

The PBS series “The Emperor of All Maladies” is a comprehensive history of cancer in America, the pain and suffering that cancer causes, the roles of patients, their loved ones, and the physicians and other healthcare workers caring for them. While cancer treatments that bring relief, and in some cases, a cure, were highlighted, the series did not shed much light on the prevention of cancer.

The full story of the power of prevention is yet to be told. With more than 50 percent —> Read More