Straight Women May Only Strive For Thinness If They Think Men Prefer It, Suggests Depressing Study

As women, the process of trying to attain body confidence can feel like running on a treadmill: For some of us, despite how many miles we clock, we never actually get anywhere. Now, researchers believe they’ve put a finger on a specific source of insecurity for heterosexual women — namely, what men want. Or at least, what women think men want.

Whether it’s through television, magazines or the Internet, women are constantly bombarded with messages about How Bodies Should Look. We know this contributes to body dissatisfaction. But a study recently published in the journal Social Psychological & Personality Science pinpoints one very particular way in which men serve as passive moderators of these messages. The findings suggest that women may only feel unhappy about their bodies if they believe men prefer women who are very thin.

To come to this conclusion, researchers from Southern Methodist University and Florida State University gathered three different groups of heterosexual women for multiple versions of the same study. First, they had 74 women look at media images of models who were a size 8 or 10 — in other words, well outside the narrow range of —> Read More Here


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