Surfing Explorers and the Identity of a Wave

Gregg Treinish and his team at Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation bring us stories from around the world about adventuring with purpose. Here, ASC’s Emily Stifler Wolfe interviews French surfer Erwan Simon about the search for remote waves worldwide, his love of the ocean, and his involvement with ASC’s Microplastics Project.

By Emily Stifler Wolfe

SurfEXPLORE was founded on a beach in Mauritania, after surfing a new wave at the edge of the Sahara Desert.

At day’s end, sharing mint tea with their local guide under a traditional nomad Khaïma tent, French surfer Erwan Simon, Hawaiian photographer John Seaton Callahan, longboard champion Sam Bleakley and Italian surfer Emiliano Cataldi decided to formalize their search for new waves.

Erwan Simon rides clear water and fine surf on a new wave in Africa. (Photo by John Seaton Callahan)

Exploring surf worldwide in places including Haiti, China, Comoros and Algeria, the team sees oceanic changes firsthand.

“Everybody knows environmental damage is happening, including surfers,” Erwan said. “Each of us has a responsibility and a role to play in these problems, but most people don’t know how they can help. I was wondering, ‘What can I do?’”

He joined the ASC microplastics project in January 2014, —> Read More Here


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