Take A Virtual Tour Through The Mysterious Greek ‘Amphipolis Tomb’

Ever wanted to peek inside an ancient tomb? Here’s your chance, courtesy of a stunning digital reconstruction (above) of an elaborate tomb found last August in the Greek town of Amphipolis.

The three-chamber tomb dates back to the 4th Century B.C. and the reign of Alexander the Great. Just recently, archaeologists excavating the lavish structure found human bones belonging to at least five individuals, though it’s unclear whether the remains have some relation to Alexander the Great’s family.

The tomb’s discovery inspired Athens-based artist Dimitrios Tsalkanis to create the simulation, which was posted to YouTube on Dec. 13. He used data released by the Greek Ministry of Culture and studies about ancient Greek architecture as reference points.

Tsalkanis told Live Science in an email that he thought reconstructing the Amphipolis tomb in digital form would be an “intriguing and interesting challenge.”

Intriguing, indeed! Just have a look.
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