Teens Have Fewer Friends, But They’re Less Lonely Than Ever Before

Much has been written in recent years about how personal electronics and social networking services seem to be isolating us more and more from each other. American adults are lonelier than they used to be, and there’s research to suggest that social media use is correlated with feelings of disconnection and dissatisfaction.

Yet among teens — arguably the most tech-saturated demographic — feelings of loneliness actually appear to be decreasing, according to research publicized this week at the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

Researchers from two Australian schools, Griffith University and the University of Queensland, conducted two sets of data analysis on high school and college students. First, they looked at a small sample of studies on loneliness levels in college students from 1978 through 2009. This research suggested that college students in recent years are less lonely than the college students of past decades.

For the second data set, the researchers examined a large sample of American high school students between 1991 and 2012. The data came from the University of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future project, a long-running study of the feelings and behaviors of high school students. The —> Read More Here


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