Ten Photos of Great White Sharks to Take Your Breath Away


Photographing great white sharks for 20 years gives Chris and Monique Fallows front row seats on the amazing behavior and secrets of formidable predators few people see. In this post they share ten of their favorite images of great whites and describe the electric moment when each was made, when conditions came together for a photographic capture of an awesome predator.

By Chris and Monique Fallows

We visit great whites almost daily, in all seasons, often in stomach-churning seas. Our most iconic images are made in “the ring of peril,” a stretch of water above an underwater gully alongside Seal Island at the southern tip of Africa. Visitors from across the world come to see this rocky island’s teeming seal colony and watch for giant sharks lunging from dark depths in pursuit of very wary pinnipeds. It’s a dramatic stage where an ancient evolutionary struggle plays out intensely.

It is rarely possible to capture the full drama in a single photograph. And it is not easy to give a balanced impression of the shark’s life history when the images that get most attention are typically those which focus on aggression and predation.

The true craft in wildlife photography comes in where you can not only show the dramatic and exciting characteristics of a predator but also portray in a beautiful and captivating way its less spectacular, more routine behavior.

With these photographs from our long years of watching great whites, we hope to highlight the many different components that go into the lives of these remarkable, efficient and highly evolved super predators.


With more than 50 international documentaries shot at Seal Island, False Bay, South Africa, there can be few, if any, apex predators that have achieved such fame as the great white shark. The reason for this little island’s sharks stealing so much limelight is —> Read More