Terrified Baby Impala Becomes Cheetahs’ First Lesson in Hunting


Professional guide and lodge owner Mikey Carr-Hartly was on safari in Kenya’s Masai Mara, when he witnessed a remarkable encounter between a cheetah family and a young impala.

“We in an area of the southern Mara called Majani ya Chai, not far from Salas Camp,” said Mikey. “It’s the ideal habitat for cheetah because of the croton thickets on the edges of the plains, which provide great cover for hunting animals.

“There was a huge abundance of Thompsons gazelle around, so we were sure there were cheetah lurking.”

Mikey finally spotted a female and two older cubs lying on a termite mound in the shade of a croton thicket.

“It was hot, and we were not sure if the mother would bother hunting, but we decided to stick around to see if she would get up and move around.”

About half an hour later, the mother spotted a baby impala about 250 meters from where they were perched. She suddenly sprang up and bolted across the plain like a bullet through the thicket and grabbed the baby impala.

Cheetah grapples with a baby impala. Photo by Mikey Carr-Hartley

To our amazement, instead of immediately killing the terrified animal, the female cheetah chased the —> Read More Here


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