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The Brando eco-resort

For the past five years I have worked on Tetiaroa atoll in French Polynesia – famous as the island hideaway of Marlon Brando. This week I was invited to the inaugural meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Tetiaroa Society – a not for profit organisation established to oversee the conservation and sustainable use of the atoll. The Tetiaroa Society works alongside The Brando, a unique tourist resort based at every level around principles of sustainability. The scientific advisory board toured the newly constructed hotel and scientific research eco-station and learnt about some of the amazing innovations in sustainability the hotel is employing. These include piping up deep-water from the ocean depths to provide guilt-free air conditioning, the use of coconut oil for environmentally friendly biofuel power generation, and the complete recycling of organic waste to nutrients in a 24 hour baking process. These innovations have put The Brando on the pathway to become the first ever LEEDS Platinum fully certified sustainable operation, and a finalist in the National Geographic Earth Changers category.

The Brando eco-resort (Picture: James Russell)The Brando eco-resort (Picture: James Russell)

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