The 10 Best Restaurants in Havana


This post is the latest in the series Places, Experiences and Objects to Dream About, which profiles marvelous locations, unique life experiences and objects of interest to modern explorers that Kike discovers during my travels.

If you are planning a visit to Cuba sometime soon, these are some of my suggestions to enjoy a unique culinary experience in Havana. As I described on Cuba: Memories Intertwined, Remember, Cuba is a jewel, as much for its architecture, its music and its culture, as for its people, its folklore and its history. There is a story behind every smile and wrinkle you will find. Dig in and the most novelesque misfortunes may arise. Dig-in and contagious sheer happiness may arise. And I will add, Dig in, and you will find unique small restaurants called Paladares. They are family run, and many of them happen to be within unique real state jewels.

Before heading to your trip, I would recommend reading a couple of books on Cuban Food such as The Cuban Table: A Celebration of Food, Flavors, and History, A Taste of Old Cuba: More Than 150 Recipes for Delicious, —> Read More Here


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