The 90 Most Ridiculous James Bond Gadgets, Ranked

In honor of Friday’s “Spectre” debut, the good nerds over at Burger Fiction created a supercut of every James Bond gadget that appeared on film. That’s 23 movies, from “Dr. No” to “Skyfall.”

We took it upon ourselves to rank the 90 most ridiculous inventions out of the 193 that the video documents, in order of increasing absurdity:

  1. Pager
  2. Earpiece
  3. 7.65 mm bullet with “delivery like a brick”
  4. Bug detectors
  5. Safe-cracking device
  6. Geiger counter
  7. Throwing stars
  8. Various teeny-tiny cameras
  9. Arm-implanted GPS microchip
  10. Flare gun
  11. Credit card lock pick
  12. On-land jetpacks
  13. Speedboat with missiles and old-school GPS
  14. Hidden periscope
  15. Underwater camera
  16. Mini helicopter
  17. Binocular glasses
  18. Gun with infrared attachment
  19. Fire-shooting gun
  20. Laser-shooting gun
  21. Gun disguised as a cigarette
  22. Tape recorder disguised as a dictionary
  23. Clothing brush disguised as a morse code transmitter
  24. Magnetic watch that snatches spoons and bullets
  25. Alarm clock that’s also a bomb
  26. Radio transmitter disguised as a cigarette lighter
  27. Watch that saws through binding rope
  28. Watch that shoots a laser beam
  29. Tape recorder disguised as a camera
  30. Poison dart pen
  31. Watch that prints out instructions
  32. Aston Martin DB-5 that comes with old-school GPS, tire-slashing technology, getaway sparkles and an enemy ejector seat
  33. Watch that’s also a waterproof geiger counter
  34. X-ray glasses
  35. “Harmless” radioactive pill that sends a homing signal
  36. Underwater breathing device
  37. Black leather case packed with rounds of ammunition that detonates talcum powder and can also hand you a knife or 50 gold sovereigns
  38. Underwater jetpack
  39. Laser-shooting tires
  40. Old-school FaceTime
  41. Camera disguised as a ring
  42. Dagger shoe
  43. Mousetrap disguised in a suit
  44. Fake fingerprint
  45. Electric razor that detects bugs
  46. Voice-changer
  47. Opaque hamster ball used to roll across water
  48. Cell phone with GPS and a high-resolution camera
  49. Car with cement shooters and missiles that can also turn into a submarine
  50. Speedboat that ejects explosives and allows for easy windsurfing getaway
  51. Watch that shoots darts with a flick of the wrist
  52. Rocket motorcycle
  53. Gondola car
  54. Watch that detonates bombs
  55. Eyeglasses that detonate bombs
  56. Car that explodes at a burglar’s touch
  57. Laser-shooting Polaroid camera
  58. Keys with a lock pick and stun gas activated by —> Read More