The Animal Kingdom: A Visitor’s Notes

What a long, strange trip it’s been. Every step confirmed the truth: that life on earth is not weirder than we imagine: it’s weirder than we are capable of imagining. In the course of my journey through the entire animal kingdom I realized that human society would be better if only we were more like vampire bats, and I learned about a six-legged bear that you can boil, freeze and shoot into space without killing it.

I set off to write a book about the entire animal kingdom, a reckless project considering that it contains (conservative estimate) ten million species, hence the book’s title. And as I did so I learned not so much about what separates us as what unites us. We humans are animals too: mammals along with rats and dogs and blue whales, sharing the phylum of chordates — back-boned creatures — with birds, frogs and fish.

Vast libraries of philosophy across the world offer irrefutable proof that we humans are utterly, utterly separate from the rest of the animal kingdom. Every where you look in the real world you find they’re all wrong.

Apes and crows use tools and solve problems, many creatures including honeybees have communication systems —> Read More Here


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