The Coolest Astronaut In The Galaxy Talks Sade, ‘Star Trek’ And Why Struggling Is Key To Success

Leland Melvin was propelled by many a rocket during his time as a NASA astronaut, but just two weeks ago the 50-year-old was launched to viral stardom by a single tweet.

While researching the Challenger explosion, reporter Adam Aton came across Melvin’s official NASA portrait from 2009. Within hours, Melvin’s self-described “big cheeseburger smile” — and his two rescue dogs that he snuck into the photo — were a big hit on the web.

This is an official portrait for astronaut Leland Melvin. Also, his handle is @Astro_Flow. I’m in awe.

— Adam Aton (@AdamAton) January 28, 2015

“When you take your picture, you take your family,” Melvin told The Huffington Post. “But I wasn’t married and my family was all in Virginia, so I thought, ‘Why don’t I take my boys?’”

Melvin has since hung up his spacesuit, having retired from NASA exactly one year ago. Now, he hosts the Lifetime competition “Child Genius,” which is wrapping its first season. Melvin took some time to talk to The Huffington Post about having grit, the power of reinvention and the best music to jam to during an —> Read More Here


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