The Defining Challenge of the 21st Century

How do we bring sanity to the climate change “debate”? Well, it starts by hearing from people who are sane about the issue. The rhetoric on climate change has been heating up as fast as global temperatures, and it’s a shame. Because for all the bad news surrounding the issue, the good news is that we as a species have had the brainpower to figure out what’s happening. The question is now whether we will have the courage and intestinal fortitude to do something about it.

It has been a very busy news cycle, with terrorist acts and over-the-top presidential campaigns, but when history looks back at this period, this year, decade, even century, the biggest story is going to be climate change. As the talks in Paris reach a critical last-minute negotiation, representatives from countries around the world are trying to iron out some final big differences. We will have to see what finally emerges. Meanwhile, back here in the United States, presidential candidate and very-possible GOP nominee Ted Cruz held a shameful climate change skepticism hearing on Capitol Hill. Something has to give.

A couple days back I wrote about my interview with former Secretary of State George Shultz. Now I want to bring you another conversation on the issue that I think you will find very interesting.

As a journalist, you’re often drawn to conflict. After all, that is where the story usually is. But before you plunge in, it helps to understand the facts. I always sought out as many dispassionate experts as I could when I was covering a big issue. And that is why I am so excited about sharing an interview I did with the incomparable Chris Field, director of the Carnegie Institution’s Department of Global Ecology at Stanford University. Not only —> Read More