“The Dress”

Late Thursday night, after returning home from a long day at the office, my daughter called me into the kitchen. “Look at this dad,” she said as she shoved a smartphone in front of me. What’s the big deal, I thought, as I looked a picture of a dress.

“What color is it?” my daughter asked. My wife, who was standing next to my daughter, leaned in to hear my answer. I responded, “gold and white.” My daughter said emphatically, “See mom!”

“No, no,” my wife said insistently, “it’s black and blue.”

I thought nothing more about the disagreement as I left the kitchen to put the dogs out. But the next morning I was startled to see that “the dress” was dominating social media. What had started as a question on Tumblr was now a national obsession. How could some people see black and blue where I saw gold and white?

I was so skeptical that I decided to do an experiment in my college class. The students were all up to speed on the dress dispute, and all of them had seen it. I projected the image on a screen in —> Read More Here


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