The Flying Classroom Comes to Palau

Water snake, Palau (Photo by Zoltan Takacs)

National Geographic Emerging Explorer Barrington Irving has a lofty idea of what it means to teach—he teaches by example, high among the clouds, and all over the world. As the youngest person to ever fly solo around the world, he knows how to rise above challenges and break into new territory.

Barrington Irving‘s Flying Classroom recently landed in Palau, an island state renowned for its lakes full of jellyfish and sparkling shores. Barrington teamed up with fellow National Geographic Emerging Explorers Zoltan Takacs and Kenny Broad to take the Classroom into deep underwater caves, pools filled with exotic creatures, and across the jungles and beaches of Palau. The mission? Extract highly potent venom from water snakes.

Teaching and traveling are inextricably linked for Barrington, and he relishes chances like this that can be used to teach to students all over the world. Landing on Palau and wrangling snakes in the water were new experiences for the pilot, but he was ready for anything!

Barrington makes his move on a water snake. (Photo by Zoltan Takacs)

What could anyone want with water snake venom, one might ask? Zoltan, a toxinologist, is —> Read More Here


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