The Globalization of Attention Deficit Disorder

Mental disorders have become a global commodity. A diagnostic fad heavily promoted first in the US now quickly spreads around the world.

Multinational corporations have perfected the profitable art of international marketing. The reach of Big Pharma stretches everywhere in the world with a sales pitch easily translated into every language. ‘Sell the ill to sell the pill.’

The basic strategy is to expand the market by convincing the healthy that they are sick-that their expectable distress and imperfections are a mental disorder caused by a brain chemical imbalance that requires correction with an overpriced pill.

The very best customers are those who weren’t sick in the first place. Their sky high placebo response rate guarantees they will be very satisfied even with treatments that were not really necessary and may even be harmful. This explains how bleeding and purging were the go-to medical treatments for thousands of years, even though they did absolutely no good and instead caused lots of harm.

Once the adult market gets locked up, Pharma directs its marketing guile to recruiting ever younger kiddie customers and the old folks in nursing homes. And it isn’t satisfied until it has captured every possible customer in every possible country.

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