The Guardians of Raja Ampat: Driving Conservation in Remote Communities


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THE GUARDIANS OF RAJA AMPAT FILM AND CONCERT TOUR: Driving Conservation with Grand-Scale Media in Remote Communities

Text and Photos by John Weller and iLCP Fellow Shawn Heinrichs

A thousand faces glowed in the light of the 2-story-tall outdoor theater screen, and the mood of the crowd changed minute to minute in reaction to the film: excited whispers and inside jokes as they saw themselves and their village on screen; pursed lips and angry sideways glances as a fish bomb exploded; nods of agreement, sweet smiles and even tears at the end. But the end of the film was only the midpoint in this event, and moments later hundreds of fists flew into the air as Edo Kondologit – Papua’s most famous singer, who donated his time to headline the tour – leaned forward into the climax of his song Aku Papua, “I AM Papua.”


The crowd screamed the lyrics into the night, proclaiming their heritage, declaring their solidarity in —> Read More Here


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