The Ingenious Way Humpback Whales Hunt In Pitch-Black Waters At Night

Sound the dinner bell!

Biologists studying the feeding behaviors of humpback whales have shed light on a long-standing mystery: How do whales find food at the bottom of the ocean in pitch-black darkness? The answer, it turns out, may lie in a newly observed sound which certain humpbacks use during nighttime hunts on the seafloor.

Susan Parks, the lead author of a study published recently in the journal Scientific Reports, told The Huffington Post that researchers listened in on the noises made by a group of humpbacks hunting at night off the Massachusetts coast. The whales, which had been outfitted with acoustic recording tags, sometimes made a “weird sound that sounded like a ticking of a clock,” Parks said.

Click to listen to the unique noise:

Researchers think the whales might make this squishy tick-tock sound — sort of a mix between a frog’s croak and a plunger — to force burrowed prey to emerge from their sandy hiding places.

The sound also might act as a dinner bell for nearby whales who may be listening for signs of a successful hunt. Hearing the ticking noises might prompt these —> Read More Here


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