The Lyon Queen — Dead, But Never Forgotten

In 1992 I completed a PhD in Virology, after my BSc in Immunology. There were far fewer people studying for PhDs back then, which is the only reason I can imagine why I managed to get a post-doctoral position in a really successful group working in human genetics. I hadn’t studied genetics in the ten years since I’d been at school, but I liked the idea of working in the field so off I went.

One day the lab head suggested I should go to a set of seminars being held that evening. I listened to a couple of interesting if slightly baffling talks and then the last speaker began her presentation. Even now, I can’t decide if I am more embarrassed or amused at what happened next. Like the previous speakers, this quiet elderly lady was talking about a process known as Lyonization. I distinctly remember thinking “Ha, she’s talking about something called Lyonization and her name is Mary Lyon. What are the chances of working on something that has the same name as you?” It was at least ten minutes before a few synapses went into action and I realised I —> Read More Here


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