The Martian Chronicles


I’ve always been inspired by the achievable goal of space settlement. I’m excited that my relatively short life-span on Earth just so happens to fall within the window in history where mankind’s expansion in the solar system is possible, and I made a decision long ago to do everything in my power, both personally and professionally, to help advance that capability. My career with Masten Space Systems matures the rocket technology necessary to land with pinpoint accuracy at future off-Earth settlements, but my personal research has brought me all the way to Red Planet itself, or at least to a simulated version.

The Mars Desert Research Station

The Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) is nestled in the dramatic rock formations that comprise Utah’s San Rafael Swell, and a generous layer of iron oxide colors the landscape Martian-red. The terrestrial habitat is owned and operated by the Mars Society, and has been utilized by a variety of national space agencies and scientists to simulate analog Martian field research. Most recently, the prototype laboratory has brought together myself, Belgian NASA Ames research Dr. Ann-Sofie Schreurs, Canadian educator Pamela Nicoletatos, American MEDEVAC pilot Ken Sullivan, German trauma surgeon Dr. Elena Miscodan, American lawyer and —> Read More Here


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