The Mighty and Mysterious Mount Mabu

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Werner, Krystal and Bibi in the “lab” working with some of the specimens. (Photo by Michele Menegon)

After a long and arduous trip over savannah, across borders and into the forests of Mabu Mountain, we were finally able to begin our search for exotic undiscovered species. In this unique “sky island” forest, the ecosystem is isolated from the surrounding savannah simply because nothing that lives in these forests can escape and survive in a different climate. This leads to a high rate of endemism, or unique native species.

During the past few days, we have been exploring the sub-montane forest near the camp, the “Miombo,” which is the type of savannah just outside the forest, and also made a foray into the Afromontane forest at high elevation near the granite dome that is the Mabu summit. We have started locally, working near the camp and in the nearby streams.

A female tree frog, Leptopelis flavomaculatus, is much larger and less colorful than the spotted, green male. (Photo by Michele Menegon)

By day, searching for geckos in the Miombo has been something of an obsession for some of the team. The geckos run high into the trees, and are adept at simply —> Read More Here


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