The Most Important Debate in the World — and You Can Be Part of It!


85%: The percentage of likely voters who think presidential candidates should hold a debate on science. Republicans and Democrats equally in favor. (Harris Poll)

50%: According to a report by the NAS, science is responsible for 50% of the growth of the US economy since 1950.

22: Number of countries whose 15-year-olds outperform American kids in science.

2,975: Number of questions asked of presidential candidates by TV’s top 5 journalists by January 2008.

6: Number of questions they asked about climate change.

2008: The year an organization called was founded to try and get the presidential candidates to attend a debate devoted solely to science.

40,000: Number of current signatories to

28: Number of Nobel Prize winners who support Science Debate’s call for a science debate.

108: Number of College and University Leaders supporting’s call for a presidential debate on science.

193: Number of major organizations supporting, including the largest science association on earth, all the big science magazines, science TV shows, and all the major environmental and medical organizations. (Total membership —> Read More Here


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