The most nutritional diet for your dog

This article was written by Adam Cecil of about the best dog foods:

Another example is something called “human grade dog food.” According to The Honest Kitchen, one of the pioneering human grade pet food companies, human grade means that this food is fit for human consumption. It’s not just about the ingredients involved, though The Honest Kitchen does claim that they don’t use any of the rejected meat products that other dog companies use. It’s also about the processes used to cook and package these foods. The Honest Kitchen’s plant is inspected by the FDA with the same standards that they use for human food plants.

Evermore is another company selling what they call “human grade” dog food, though they also use the buzzword “gently-cooked” to describe their process. What does it mean to be gently-cooked? It means that their foods are prepared with a low-heat cooking process that keeps as much of the natural nutrients in their ingredients as possible while also killing bacteria like salmonella that live in raw meat.

Human grade dog food is obviously not part of the raw food movement — instead, these companies are trying to improve the process of cooking and packing dog food so that adding nutritional supplements becomes unnecessary. Both The Honest Kitchen and Evermore claim that their meals are nutritionally complete, tapping into the language used by bigger commercial dog food companies to market their kibble.

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However, just because their meals are “human grade” doesn’t mean they’re great for humans. PolicyGenius’ own Jon Marquez tasted meals —> Read More