The Nuclear Family: New Book Examines Two Sides of the Atomic Bomb

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From an early age I thought it was strange that my family had a connection to both sides of the atomic bombs, in a very intimate way. I hoped to write a book that showed one of the most important events in human history had more then one viewpoint.

As the world becomes more connected, and wars continue to be waged, I believe it is crucial to our understanding and our future as a functioning society that we take a step back and look objectively at each side.

To that end, I have just released my book The Nuclear Family on Amazon. It will be available on Kindle on August 10, and bookstores in about four weeks later. Here is an excerpt:

“Truth is a malleable concept, yet remains the most valued of virtues.
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In 2010, in order to uphold the truth, I started discussing the atomic bombs as they related to my family. A book I’ll leave nameless was under scrutiny because a person lied about the American perspective depicted in its pages. The author redacted, but the incident left me reeling to tell the true story that connected both sides of the atomic bomb to my family. I wrote a newspaper article for the 65th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It snowballed into a research grant that I won on March 10, 2011 which was already March 11th in Japan. That night distaster struck. As the news unfolded of what would become the Great East Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster, I quickly decided not to give up my plans. I was dedicated to this book. I was dedicated to truth.

How can we define truth, especially when it comes to history? Every country has their own truth for every chapter in history. Take Pearl Harbor, —> Read More