The One Question That Will Revolutionize Your New Year’s Resolutions

Even with a trail of many years’ worth of failed New Years’ resolutions behind us, each January, most of us look forward to a fresh start and an opportunity to set important goals for ourselves.

“We feel there is a need to change in the new year,” positive psychologist Dr. Gabriele Oettingen, author of Rethinking Positive Thinking: Inside The New Science Of Motivation, tells the Huffington Post. “It’s a good time to design a future for the next year.”

So then why is it that while nearly half of Americans set New Years’ resolutions each year, only an estimated 8 percent succeed?

Oettingen has an answer. When it comes to creating change, she says, most of us are very good at completing the first step of the process, which is envisioning what we want. We positively fantasize about fulfilling our desires for change in different areas of our lives, thereby creating resolutions like: I want to be better in my career. I want to be 15 pounds lighter. I want to spend more time with my children. I want to learn to play the piano.

It’s usually after that point that we get stuck. Once we’ve —> Read More Here


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