The Only Female Captain Of ‘Star Trek’ Speaks Out

Though overshadowed by “Star Wars” hype, the recent announcement that a new “Star Trek” series is in the works caught the attention of lite sci-fi geeks, and thrilled series devotees. The first question on fans’ minds — after “for real?!” and “when?!” (yes, in 2017) — was who will helm the latest edition as its Captain.

It’s a role with a certain stigma attached to it, and a storied history. The Captain must be self-assured, old enough to have had the experience to man a large crew, well-versed in techno-babble, and possessive of an air of grandeur typically reserved for Shakespearean stage actors.

It’s too early for any surfacing rumors to carry much weight, but a few science-fiction sites and forums have cast their votes for who they’d prefer to see seated in the Captain’s chair. Whispers about the overdue casting of an LGBT Captain are among the most promising — or at least the most interesting. Entertainment site Inquisitr notes that the series has a track record of inclusiveness, casting both a black Captain and a female Captain in the ’90s.

Said female Captain, played by Kate Mulgrew on “Star Trek: Voyager,” spoke with The Huffington Post about her seven-year tenure on the show, and what she hopes to see from the newest installment.

“There has not been an LGBT Captain. There are an infinity of things they haven’t had,” Mulgrew said. “But I’ll be curious to see if they choose a man or a woman. I think I wouldn’t mind a bit if I — well, I’m not even going to tell you that, that’s selfish. I’m eating my words, eating them! It’s just kind of nice being the only female Captain to date.”

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