The Outcome Of The Super Bowl Could Depend On Whether The Players Are Night Owls Or Early Birds

By: Tanya Lewis
Published: 01/30/2015 09:38 AM EST on LiveScience

Football fans, take note: The outcome of this weekend’s Super Bowl, along with other major sporting events, may depend on whether the players are night owls or early birds, a new study suggests.

Scientists found that the performance of competitive athletes varied by as much as 26 percent over the course of a day.

“Even 1 percent makes the difference between winning a race and losing it,” said Roland Brandstaetter, a biologist at the University of Birmingham in England and co-author of the study published today (Jan. 29) in the journal Current Biology. [10 Things You Didn't Know About You]

The findings could have big implications for the timing of major sporting events, and how athletes train for them, the researchers said.

Larks and owls

Previous studies have always found that athletes perform their personal best in the evening, but nobody considered body-clock types properly, Brandstaetter told Live Science. All people, not just athletes, fall into categories based on internal biological clocks. People who are more awake earlier in the day are called “larks,” whereas those who are more awake at —> Read More Here


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