The Physics Behind the Starkiller Base in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The new episode in the Star Wars franchise was released last week to much fanfare. I was there and loved every minute of it. Thus far, the film has broken records and made millions around the globel. It is dominating the theaters and will continue to do so for a while.

As I watched the new addition to the Star Wars universe, I found one thing to be so awesome that I could not help but want to write something about it. Therefore, I want to discuss the physics behind the Starkiller base. I will state upfront that I will do my best o not put out any plot spoilers. I will just discuss that the base exists in the movie and physics that makes it a challenge. I will not discuss plot lines or anything else. If I do spoil anything, then you have my sincerest apologizes, but this thing is awesome!

Anyway, besides breaking records in ticket sales and merchandising (no surprise for Disney), Star Wars: The Force Awakens has appeared to have also broken the laws of physics. The Starkiller base is an ice planet that has been converted into “the ultimate power in the universe” by the First Order. Overall, it can be considered to be the Death Star on steroids in both size and power. As with the Death Star, the base has the ability to destroy planets with immense jets of plasma that are shot from the core of the planet. The question becomes where does this plasma power come from? The answer is quite simple; the planet steals the power and plasma from a near by star. This action of eating a star essentially “charges up” the superweapon, which means the doom for any planet that —> Read More