The Prairie: Looking Beneath the Surface

Up close on the pheasant (Photo by Laura Hitt)

Gregg Treinish and his team at Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation bring us stories from around the world about adventuring with purpose. Here, ASC volunteer Laura Hitt digs deep into life on the American Prairie Reserve, where she collected wildlife and environmental data on the Landmark adventure science crews this September and October.

By Laura Hitt

The prairie awes me. Every day I run into something unexpected and raw. A few days ago during a sunrise birding session, we found the remains of a huge bird, its feathers impossibly large. We later identified it as a golden eagle.

The Landmark crew checks out a ring-necked pheasant killed by a car on the Regina Road. (Photos by Laura Hitt)

A few days before that, Allie and I ran into more than 200 bison while hiking Transect Three. We watched as they streamed over the hills, running single file across ridges.

On the way back from a scoping session, a great horned owl kept pace with the car at sunset, silhouetted against the orange horizon. Perching on a tree by the road, it shrieked, a call-and-response with the lowing cattle nearby.

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