The Role of Biomechanics in Motor Vehicle Accident Litigation



As if Pavlov conditioned you himself, the instant you hear that single syllable jingle, your eyes peer off the road and onto your iPhone — “Hey baby where are you?”


And just like that, you find yourself crunched between your seat, airbags from every which direction (if you’re lucky), and the bumper of an SUV that once seemed miles away. It all happened in a split-second, but you can recall every minute detail of that fateful moment which initially left you gasping for air, and now finds you with a twinge in your neck and incessant headaches.

Once the emotional shock of the accident subsides, you begin recalling with clarity: yes, you rear-ended the car in front of you, but they also slammed on their brakes unexpectedly. And you technically never touched your phone, but rather, that endearing message from your newly minted fiancé popped-up as a notification. So, who’s at fault? And more importantly, who pays for the damages – both to your body, and that of your new car?

There are 11 million MVAs (motor vehicle accidents) annually in the U.S., 400,000 of which result in death. —> Read More Here


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