The Seven Most-Read National Geographic Voices Posts of 2015

(Photo by Andrés Ruzo)

In case you missed them, South Africa’s famous “flying” sharks, Texas floods that washed “river monsters” onto the land, a video that caught a chameleon changing color, and a “sharkano” revealed by deep-sea cameras were among the most popular posts on National Geographic Voices in 2015.

1. Ten Photos of Great White Sharks to Take Your Breath Away

Photographing great white sharks for 20 years gives Chris and Monique Fallows front row seats on the amazing behavior and secrets of formidable predators few people see. In this post they share ten of their favorite images of great whites and describe the electric moment when each was made, when conditions came together for a photographic capture of an awesome predator.

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2. Flood Carries River Monsters Onto the Land

Posted by Andrés Ruzo, NG Young Explorers grantee, in Explorers Journal on June 25, 2015

The powerful rains that hit Texas and the surrounding region last month led to more than two dozen human deaths, and were a reminder of how little we are able to resist nature’s wild side when unleashed.

Geologically speaking, sediment deposition was what I expected to find here—however, the floodwaters brought in more than just mud …

Living fossils like the gar are a reminder that our buildings and byways are a very recent arrival to this ancient landscape. (Photo by Andrés Ruzo)

A number of juvenile longnose gar were stuck in the fences near the Trinity, likely trying to return to the main river after feeding in the flooded areas. It was a bittersweet sight, as their untimely death allowed me to observe their impressive, —> Read More