The Shock Of Good Customer Service

With the precision of a Rockettes’ dance number, one by one the windows in my house have all snapped the little doohickey that lets them slide up and down smoothly and keeps them from going off-tilt. If I were a window repairman, I’m sure there would be a real name for the broken part and with that real name, a real expensive price tag and a real expensive labor call.

But karma intervened and a handyman who I had asked over for a repair estimate wound up being both knowledgable and honest. “Milgard windows?” he said, as I waited for the proverbial kicking of the tires that always comes when one craftsman disses the work of another. “You don’t need me. These have a lifetime warranty,” he said instead. “They will just come out and fix them or replace them for you.” He scribbled down the number while I waited for my dropped jaw to close.

Still unconvinced that anyone in this day and age offers a lifetime warranty on anything, I called the number. The woman dutifully checked my name and address in her computer and asked “When would it be convenient to have a serviceman there?”

“No charge, —> Read More Here


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