The Six Most Ingenious Things Humans Are Doing This Week

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It may not always seem like it, but this is a golden age of imagination and invention. That’s not to say that the world isn’t sick with violence, poverty and misrule. It surely is. But, long ago, our species of great ape left the others far behind, reinventing ourselves as explorers, builders, communicators, artists and dreamers. That’s never been truer than today, as creative minds toil in the service of the planet and others.

Because climate change, poverty, and famine are complex worldwide problems, they’re inspiring equally complex, world-changing solutions. It’s now possible to pursue a career in, say, engineering, and make a good living, while also helping to reduce poverty, feed the hungry, preserve biodiversity, and rein in climate change. Never before have we been so dangerous to the planet and ourselves, or so capable of cooperating on peaceful solutions.

What has changed? Not one thing, but many. Thanks to globalization, local news trends worldwide in a flash. The sheer number of people on the planet means exponentially more brainpower; so, as a species, we’re sparking many more ideas. Thanks to the digital revolution, people are busily batting ideas around the Internet, where they carom and entangle like subatomic particles. —> Read More Here


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