The Skeletons of Olmos, Part II: Racing Against the Storm

Dark storm clouds to the east of Olmos, over the Andean foothills. (Photo by Haagen Klaus)

Haagen Klaus studies the ancient and mysterious remains of societies along Peru’s northern coastal areas. A recent project has seen him racing against the clock in the modern-day town of Olmos to rescue skeletons from a looming construction project and the scathing rains of El Niño.

Dark storm clouds to the east of Olmos, over the Andean foothills. Such is rare in this part of the world. (Photo by Haagen Klaus)

When we arrived in Olmos, Peru, we were homeless. Before beginning our work with the skeletons, we had to find a place to live. For the last few years, I had been renting a house in Ferreñafe as our base of operations, but that was a four-hour round-trip commute from the current research site. The next best thing was one of the recommended hotels in Olmos. I looked over the place very carefully, and it seemed okay. We moved into our rooms on a hot Sunday afternoon, ready to get to work in about 15 hours. Dark storm clouds were in the distance, just to our east over the Andean highlands. Massive anvil-shaped thunderheads were building, towering into the sky. As awe-inspiring as such cloud formations were, they made me —> Read More Here


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