The Surprising Role That Social Media Can Play in Healthcare

For the vast majority of us — more than 80 percent of folks in the United States — social media is an integral part of our daily routine. We use it to stay up on current events, lovingly stalk family and friends, and share the latest viral video sensations. TV shows encourage us to tweet during the program, blogs want us to share the post with our networks and companies spend millions of dollars on campaigns — like Coca Cola’s Share a Coke campaign — that use social media in exceptionally clever ways to drive us towards their products.

Long gone are the days of AOL chat rooms and Instant Messenger. Dominated by giants like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, social media has grown to become a massive, sophisticated driving force in our culture. And with more than one quarter of the world’s population using social media, we’re now seeing organizations tapping that global digital connectivity to address some of the most urgent health crises of our time.

The vast majority of these pressing health issues — like the global climate crisis for example — are not easy to map out. They are driven by a —> Read More Here


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