The Theory That Can Change Everything

While I normally stick to entries that are spiritual in nature, I couldn’t help but become intrigued by a scientific theory that holds the power to reshape the very foundations of our world: one that would allow us to control and disperse energy efficiently and literally halt natural disasters in their tracks. What balance this would bring to our planet and to our lives both individually and collectively. I’m a firm believer that we were already given everything we need to deliver harmony to our world, but the catch is that we have to look beyond the archaic conventions that have been instilled in us–the ones that tell us we are limited in any way, shape, or form. We have to see things working differently than they are now. We have to dream a little, if you will.

Can you imagine a world with no tornadoes, hurricanes, or earthquakes? A planet free from natural disasters? Millions of lives would be saved each year. This may sound too good to be true to you or me, but one man easily envisions this ideal scenario and believes he’s discovered the way to predict, redirect, and end natural disasters.

Dmitry Dyudkin, a professor at Donetsk Technical University, has developed a theory that states that all processes that happen on our planet are directly correlated to the energy and activity of the sun. Every second, countless energy rays are bombarding our planet with immense force, producing incredible amounts of energy. Part of solar radiation is reflected by our atmosphere, but a larger portion penetrates down to our planet’s core. By this assumption, our planet should be getting hotter and hotter by the second, until it can no longer support life. So where does all of this energy go? You might remember learning in physics —> Read More