The Way A Cigarette Is Packaged Can Make A World Of Difference

branded cigarettes

Smokers are less likely to seek cigarettes if the packaging is plain, as opposed to packs that have brands on them, according to new research from the Universities of Exeter and Bristol in the U.K.

Researchers recruited 144 adult smokers to participate in experiments that tested the Pavlovian response to smoking stimuli. They were instructed to choose whether or not to press a key that could lead to cigarettes or a key that could lead to chocolate, but they didn’t know whether or not the keys would truly pay off in the end.

Before making each choice, they were shown either a picture of a normal cigarette pack, a plain cigarette pack or nothing at all. The researchers found that if participants were shown a normal cigarette pack, participants were 9 percent more likely to press the key for cigarettes than if shown the plain packs. When compared to the “no stimulus” picture, participants who were shown the normally branded box were 10 percent more likely to press the button for cigarettes.

The photo below is one example of how cigarette packs were presented to study participants. Image A is the “plain pack,” while image B is the —> Read More Here


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