There’s A Reason You Love Sad Music After A Breakup, New Study Says

Everyone’s been there. You go through a breakup and all you want to do is lie on your couch in pajamas listening to melancholic, soul-shattering music. Now, a new study attempts to explain just why you’d engage in such seemingly self-destructive behavior: Sad music may not actually make you feel very sad at all.

Researchers from Freie Universität Berlin surveyed 772 participants from around the globe to find out why people seek out sad music, particularly during breakups. Of the 470 participants who gave specific instances of when sad music is appealing, 108 reported lost relationships. The second most popular instance, according to 54 participants, was after suffering a loss of a loved one.

The researchers found that after switching on that Cat Power, Hank Williams or Billie Holiday song*, you experience four different cognitive rewards of music-evoked sadness: the reward of imagination, emotion regulation, empathy and no “real-life” implications.

What that means in layman’s terms is that you get pleasure from connecting with the music and letting your imagination run with the spontaneity of the melody; you regulate and vent your emotions after identifying with the song; you empathize with the musician —> Read More Here


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