These Cities Might Be Seeing More Power Outages, Thanks To Climate Change

new orleans downtown

How likely is it that climate change will leave your city in the dark? Researchers at Johns Hopkins University asked just this question, analyzing which cities will be more likely to suffer from hurricane-related power outages in the future.

Using historical data and a range of potential future storm scenarios, researchers created a computer model to predict which cities will likely see the greatest increases in power outage risk. Seth Guikema, associate professor at Johns Hopkins, said in a press release that the information will be able to help cities make plans now to reinforce their systems.

“If I’m mayor of Miami, we know about hurricanes, we know about outages and our system has been adapted for it,” Guikema said. “But if I’m mayor of Philadelphia, I might say, ‘Whoa, we need to be doing more about this.'”

Scientists are uncertain exactly how climate change will affect hurricanes of the future, but the team examined a range of potential impacts of changes in frequency, intensity and location to make their predictions.

“The range of results demonstrates the sensitivity of the U.S. power system to changes in storm behavior,” Guikema said. “Infrastructure providers and emergency managers need —> Read More Here


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