This App Can Save Water And Money

Information is a key to behavioral change and that’s why Robb Barnitt started Dropcountr, an application that can help customers save water by using technology to better understand their usage and offer the best opportunities to conserve. Water Deeply spoke to Barnitt about his company and its impact.

Robb Barnitt wanted to find out how much water he was using. He’d been working on energy efficiency and renewables for years, then he started getting interested in water issues. But what seemed like a simple inquiry didn’t have an easy answer.

“I had to pull out some old paper bills and do some conversions,” said Barnitt. “I still couldn’t get an accurate picture of my water use let alone a conveniently accessed one. I recognized there was an opportunity to deliver more information on the platform of choice – piped to your phone or accessed through the web.”

And thus began the idea for what would become Dropcountr, a mobile and online application that can track water use and provide a comparison with similar water users.

“I was familiar with Opower, which pioneered the concept of data analysis and presentation of information to end users on the energy side and was aware of their approach using behavioral psychology to drive a social norms-based comparison to show not only how much electric and gas people used but also others like them.”

Barnitt recently spoke to Water Deeply about Dropcountr and how it can help Californians save water during the drought and far beyond.

Water Deeply: How does the app work?

Robb Barnitt: We partner with water utilities and basically sign a contract to access their meter data, so we’re taking water usage data at the individual account level for all the accounts in a utility service area. We look at that information, we —> Read More