This Boy Has Outsmarted Us All With His Perfect Math Problem Answer

This kid’s answer might not have been the “correct” answer, but it’s definitely worthy of many, many bonus points.

A Reddit user named Fiona, who posts as irishchck14, shared a hilarious photo on the site earlier this week, featuring her 6-year-old son’s math test. While he answered the first question about currency with the correct answer, he responded to a followup, asking him to show his thinking in a very creative way.

That’s right — the precious 6-year-old literally drew himself thinking complete with a thought bubble and “Bobby” written inside.

Needless to say, the photo got a giggle from many Reddit users, and it ended up going viral on the site, with more than 6,300 upvotes and more than 4.7 views on Imgur as of Thursday afternoon.

Fiona told The Huffington Post that her son’s response wasn’t intentionally cheeky.

“I think he just took the question quite literally!” she wrote. “We explained to him why it was so funny and now he really gets it!”

After she told the 6-year-old about how popular his answer has become, he responded with another chuckle-worthy line.

“I told him over 3 million people had seen his picture and he said, ‘Wow! That’s like the whole state of Georgia!'” she said.

Now if you’re worried he didn’t get full credit for the glorious response, we assure you, it’s all OK.

“He received an enthusiastic 100 percent complete with the word ‘wow!'” Fiona told HuffPost. “His teacher is exceptional! She encourages creativity and thinking outside the box at every opportunity!”

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