This Colossal Black Hole Is 12 Billion Times As Massive As The Sun, And It Has Astronomers Baffled

monster black hole

Astronomers have discovered a truly colossal black hole. It’s 12 billion times as massive as our sun and about 3,000 times the size of the black hole at the center of our galaxy. What’s more, the distant hole appears to have ballooned to its supermassive size very early in the universe’s history — just 900 million years after the Big Bang — and that’s got astronomers baffled.

Black holes should take billions of years to get that big, according to current theories, and there are theoretical limits on how fast they can grow. So the existence of the newfound monster is raising serious questions about how black holes evolve.

“The discovery of this record-breaking monster black hole … raises an embarrassing unanswered question: how did it form?” Dr. Max Tegmar, a MIT cosmologist who was not involved in the discovery, told The Huffington Post in an email. “If it started out as a collapsing star, then this black hole ate about a billion times its birth weight to get this heavy: how did it manage to eat so much in so little time?”

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