This Hand Dryer Study Will Have You Saying ‘Ewww’

In the supermarket, it’s paper or plastic. In many public restrooms, it’s paper towels or electric hand dryers–and a new study from England adds to a body of research suggesting that paper towels may be the healthier choice.

The study shows that as they remove moisture from users’ hands, the dryers spew bacteria into the air and onto people.

Well that blows.

Conventional (warm air) and high-velocity (jet air) dryers alike spread bacteria into the air, according to the study. Airborne germ counts near warm-air dryers were found to be 4.5 times higher than the counts near paper towel dispensers, and the counts near jet air dryers were a whopping 27 times higher.

It doesn’t take a lot to figure out what’s probably going on here. As study leader Prof. Mark Wilcox, professor of medical microbiology at the University of Leeds, told The Huffington Post in an email:

“While jet air dryers are good at hand drying, they achieve this by using air velocities of about 400 miles an hour… Unfortunately, this means that the dispersed water droplets (containing more or less bacteria/viruses depending on how hands were washed and how contaminated they were in the first place) will be —> Read More Here


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