This Is How Much Of Beyoncé’s Breath You Inhale Every Time You Breathe

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Here is a classic problem given to students in statistics classes: “How many molecules of Caesar’s last breath do you inhale every time you breathe?”

To answer the query, no scientific testing is required. Instead, students are asked to use mathematics in an effort to work their way to a guesstimation. This type of question is called a “Fermi problem,” where answers are found to seemingly impossible questions based on setting out clear approximations and assumptions. With this sort of analysis, you can get answers to questions even as crazy-seeming as, “How many molecules of Beyoncé’s breath do you inhale every time you breathe?”

Before going any further, let’s note that Beyoncé’s breathing is particularly notable. In the 2004 Destiny’s Child single “Lose My Breath,” Beyoncé — along with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams — sings, “Can you keep up? / Baby boy, make me lose my breath / Bring the noise, make me lose my breath / Hit me hard, make me lose my…” Then they all breathe heavily. Aren’t you at least a little bit curious how much of these Queen B exhales end up making it into your own plebeian lungs?

To answer that Beyoncé-related Fermi Problem, The Huffington Post —> Read More Here


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