This New Phone App Can Tell When You’ve Had Too Much To Drink

A new federally funded cellphone app allows people who may have had one too many to get an idea just how drunk they are — and hail a ride home.

Users enter their sex, height, weight, and number of drinks consumed to help figure out their blood-alcohol level. They also can play two interactive games to test reaction time and cognitive agility. And the app uses GPS technology to call cabs and pre-load phone numbers for potential designated drivers.

The app, called ENDUI — pronounced “End DUI” — was announced Thursday by government and police officials in Maryland. Funded by federal money reserved for drunken-driving education efforts, the app is among several in a handful of states to tackle drunken driving — though Maryland’s is one of the most elaborate.

“It’s unique,” said Kara Macek, a spokeswoman at the Governors Highway Safety Association, which funded the new app, developed by the Maryland Highway Safety Office for about $50,000.

“I think states are starting to go that route because they’re trying to reach consumers where they are and where they spend time, and everyone spends time on their phone,” Macek said. “I think we’re going to see more of that as we go forward.”

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