This Ocean ‘Documentary’ Will Change How You See ‘GTA’

“Grand Theft Auto V” has become synonymous with portrayals of intense violence and graphic sex, but a team of YouTube filmmakers put it to a more peaceful purpose — creating a fake ocean documentary using the game’s engine.

The three-man group known as 8-BIT BASTARD started by creating video game comedy videos, but the new video, released last Saturday, is closer to an homage: The group says it was inspired by the nature documentaries of Sir David Attenborough, a documentarian known for his enthusiastic, up-close stories about animal life.

“I’ve had a big interest in marine biology for quite a few number of years now, and have always been a big admirer of Sir David Attenborough, and I’ve always wanted to create some what of a spoof of one of his documentaries,” Alec Chaney, one of the 8-BIT BASTARD filmmakers and the main one behind this project, told The Huffington Post via email.

The new “documentary” shows a blue whale encountered in “Grand Theft Auto V.”

Titled “Into the Deep,” the faux documentary showcases underwater life in the “Grand Theft Auto V” world viewed from the game’s submarine vehicle. Players can take a break —> Read More Here


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