This Scientific Test Will Tell You How Addicted You Are To Your Smartphone

Smartphone addiction is no joke, and now there’s a scientific way to measure it.

A new study from Iowa State University has identified some of the central aspects of nomophobia — that’s “no mobile phone” phobia — with a handy new 20-question survey measuring iPhone codependence. Scroll down to take the quiz.

“Nomophobia is considered a modern age phobia introduced to our lives as a byproduct of the interaction between people and mobile information and communication technologies, especially smartphones,” Caglar Yildirim told The Huffington Post in an email. “It refers to fear of not being able to use a smartphone… [and] it refers to the fear of not being able to communicate, losing the connectedness that smartphones allow, not being able to access information through smartphones, and giving up the convenience that smartphones provide.”

The research builds on a University of Missouri study published in January found that bring separated from your iPhone can have a real psychological and physiological effect, including impaired thinking.

“iPhones are capable of becoming an extension of our selves such that when separated, we experience a lessening of ‘self’ and a negative physiological state,” Russell Clayton, a doctoral candidate and the study’s lead author, said in a statement.

To develop the questionnaire, the Iowa researchers interviewed nine undergraduate students about their relationships with their smartphones, identifying four basic dimensions of nomophobia: not being able to communicate, losing connectedness, not being able to access information and giving up convenience. Then, they tested the questionnaire on 301 undergraduate students.

Are you a smartphone junkie? Rate each item on a scale of 1 (“completely disagree”) to 7 (“strongly agree”) and tally up your total score to find out. Be honest!

1. I would feel uncomfortable without constant access to information through my smartphone.

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