Tiny Invisible Robot Gives Whole New Meaning To The Term ‘Baby Steps’

One day in the not-too-distant future, doctors may be able to treat deadly diseases like cancer by injecting an army of tiny nanorobots into the bloodstream. We’re not there yet, but researchers say they may be one step closer to turning this science fiction-like idea into science fact.

Chemists at the University of Oxford have built a nano-sized molecule that can “walk” its way across a tiny track. The team developed a new method to observe the teensy robot take its one nanometer-long stride, since microscopes can only spot the motion of objects as small as 10 nanometers.

“These are the smallest steps that have been observed in real time, i.e. as they happen,” Dr. Hagan Bayley, a professor of chemical biology at the University of Oxford and one of the researchers, told The Huffington Post in an email. “The step size is about one 100,000th of the diameter of a human hair.”

The new “walkers” aren’t the only tiny robots out there. Previous researchers have built molecular robots made of DNA, but these were much bigger than the new small molecular walkers and only work in water, according to the Oxford Science Blog.

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